Corporate Membership

Services to Corporate Members include but are not limited to:

-    Access to BritCham organised events, seminars and dinners at a special rate
-    Access to members-only events, commercial breaks or business after hours
-    Access to special British events: Burns Supper (January), Quiz Nights, Guy Fawkes Night (November) and others

Promotion and communication
-    Listing on BritCham website (brief company profile and contact details)
-    Announcement of a new member in BritCham News section in e-newsletter
-    Company logo in a special New Members section on the webpage
-    Printed certificate indicating membership level
-    Possibility to publish company news in a weekly e-newsletter
-    BritCham logotype for use on company’s webpage and promotional materials (stationery)
-    Possibility to facilitate corporate communication through BritCham social media channels
-    Referral services to potential clients and business partners

-    Access to Latvian law-makers and the opportunity to participate in FICIL (The Foreign Investors' Council in Latvia) committees through membership in BCCL
-    Exclusive special offers within member-to-member discounts
-    Opportunity to get involved and contribute to Chamber’s day-to-day activities through working at BritCham Committees, voting at Annual General Meeting etc.

To better adjust to company needs, BritCham provides 4 sub-levels of Corporate Membership:

Standard Corporate membership category yearly membership fee is EUR 750.

Corporate Small Company EUR 450.
Available for companies that have < 5 employees and < EUR 70,000 annual turnover.

Corporate Outside Riga EUR 450.
Available for entities whose business is conducted in Latvia more than 40km from Riga.

Corporate Overseas EUR 250.
Available for entities that have no place of business in Latvia.

Corporate Not-for-profit EUR 250.
Available only to not-for-profit organizations and by Board invitations only.

Corporate Start-up Company EUR 250.
This category applies, if the potential member:

  • is an early stage company registered during this or the last year
  • has the annual turnover of EUR 70,000 or less
  • has up to 5 employees, including the Board Members

Start-up membership status is granted by the decision of the Board by analyzing every case separately and will be granted for no longer than 2 years, afterwards the member migrates to other membership categories.

To apply for membership with BritCham, please, visit the section How to join.

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