Hatton Concepts announces the Emergent Leader Programme for Managers and Supervisors in Riga

The Leadership of Future is less about the theory of an idealized leadership model and more about the practical ability to go on a journey of authenticity and inspiration, therefore energizing and preparing oneself and others to make the right choices in the situation at hand: Networked, Bottom up, Empowering, Inspiring, Quality and Relationship oriented, Courage based.

Emergent Leader programmes in Riga will be held in two modules: Module 1 - June 13 and 14, Module 2 - September 26 and 27. Registration to obtain an Early Bird Offer has started!

The course is run by Managing Officer and Consultant Tom Hatton who is a visionary, strategist and a results-orientated person. He passionately believes in the interdependence of human beings and the need to develop sustainable and profitable entrepreneurship globally. The past 25 years Tom has dedicated to the research of human development and entrepreneurship. He sits on the Global Board of Directors of the International Coach Federation [ICF] and is the former President and founding director of the ICF Ireland Chapter. 

More information and programme at www.hattonconcepts.com.

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