Individual Membership

Individual members are offered standard BritCham services:

-    Access to BritCham organised events, seminars and dinners at a special rate
-    Access to members-only events, commercial breaks or business after hours
-    Access to special British events: Burns Supper (January), Quiz Nights, Guy Fawkes Night (November) and others

Promotion and communication
-    Listing on BritCham website (private contact details)
-    Announcement of a new member in BritCham News section in e-newsletter
-    Printed certificate indicating membership level

-    Exclusive special offers within member-to-member discount system
-    Opportunity to get involved and contribute to Chamber’s day-to-day activities through working at BritCham Committees, voting at Annual General Meeting etc.

Individual membership category yearly membership fee is EUR 250.

Individual Student EUR 40.

Available to current full-time non-working university students (to be reviewed after one year); please enclose your CV.

To apply for membership with BritCham, please, visit the section How to join.

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