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Agnese Lāce
+371 29513738
The Mill, 33-21 Brivibas Street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1010

12 LĪNIJAS is an architecture practice established to maintain and bring both - beauty and functionality - to the environment we live in. Creating a harmonious space provides a chance to live a harmonious life. Architecture as means to achieve it.

12 LĪNIJAS specializes in projects of historical buildings and new building in historical sites.

A significant part of 12 LĪNIJAS experience are reconstruction projects of historical buildings from different periods dating from 18th, 19th to 20th century. Love and respect for old buildings and structures plus functionality and requirements of contemporary needs – this is the formula 12 LĪNIJAS architects use for old buildings to gain new life and have their own special character.

One of the essential values for 12 LĪNIJAS architecture practice is the context of the site. The qualities which are given are highly evaluated and used in future design.

Rational use of materials, natural resources (light, air) and technologies to achieve sustainability and comfort for users. Pure forms with fine detailing to provide space a human scale. It is important for building volumes to work together as a whole with outer space for people to enjoy inner and outer experiences equally. Plus flexibility of space.

12 LĪNIJAS believes in collaboration of disciplines. It is significant to invite artists (painters, sculptors, graphic designers, writers) in early stages of projects to ensure more meaningful result. The practice is open to new technologies, virtual reality models to maximize the efficiency of the design process.

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