Preparation of Corporate Income Tax Declarations - Seminar by KPMG Baltics









You are welcome to the seminar about preparation of corporate income tax (CIT) declarations. The seminar will be based on practical examples how to complete CIT declarations. 

CIT declarations for the first six months of 2018 need to be filed before 20 July 2018. Presently, in addition to the Corporate Income Tax Law and Cabinet Regulations that explain CIT application and how to fill in CIT declarations, there is methodological guidance issued by the SRS to the same effect. Nevertheless, with all the above guidance at their fingertips tax payers still find it confusing how to apply the new CIT regime. In response to this, we have prepared a seminar featuring practical examples to help you prepare for completing CIT declarations

The seminar covers the following topics:
  • Basics of the CIT regime
  • Disclosure of transitional provisions of the CIT Law in CIT declarations
  • Amounts to be disclosed in monthly CIT declarations:
    • Profit distribution
    • Non-operating expenses
    • Liquidation quota
  • Amounts to be disclosed in the closing CIT declaration of the reporting year:
    • Doubtful receivables
    • Excessive interest payments
    • Loans to related parties
    • Transfer pricing differences
    • Benefits granted by a non-resident to its employees or board members if invited to work in a permanent establishment in Latvia.
  • Procedure to calculate and declare CIT
  • Application of CIT to payments to non-residents
  • Filling in the CIT declaration
  • etc.

To make the seminar more relevant to you in terms of topical and practical matters please send us your questions about the new CIT declaration by 6 July 2018 to e-mail:

12 July, 09:00 to 14:00
at: Mercure hotel

(Elizabetes iela 101, Riga), conference hall ‘Antonija’

Price: 105 EUR + VAT
Please apply by 6 July.

The seminar will be lead by:

Ilze Berga
Certified Tax Consultant, Director at Tax Advisory Department
KPMG Baltics SIA

Ivonna Balode
Certified Tax Consultant
Tax Advisory Department
KPMG Baltics SIA