Charity Ball on 17 November

The donated money will be used to support Ukrainian children in Latvia in cooperation with the charity organization “Tavi Draugi”!

Already for the 9th time – one of the most beautiful and magnificent events, which is held in Riga, celebrating the birthday of the Latvian state!

This year, the event will be provided musically by the outstanding dance orchestra “Mirage” led by conductor Lauris Amantovs and other artists. The ball program includes a traditional polonaise, dances, an auction of paintings donated by the best Latvian artists, a lottery of valuable prizes, and a sing-along led by conductor Arvīdas Platpera in the RLB Golden Hall. Dinner is available throughout the evening.

After midnight, a procession with flowers will take place at the Freedom Monument, so that the guests of the event can be the first to greet Latvia on its 104th birthday.

Dress code: long evening dress, tuxedo / dark suit. Bring dark red or white roses with you to the event. Flowers will be arranged in the colours of the Latvian flag, which we will put together at the Freedom Monument after midnight.

Charity Ball is organized by Rotary, Rotaract, Lions, Zontas, Round Table, Club 41 and other charity organizations.

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