BritCham Membership Levels and Benefits

Membership levels, descriptions and annual subscriptions:
Platinum | Corporate Plus | Corporate | Individual

Membership benefits:
Standard benefits (applicable to all levels) | Corporate Plus benefits | Platinum benefits


EUR 2000 per annum
Exclusive, limited number membership.

Oriented to market and opinion leaders, companies influencing and shaping the business environments in Latvia and/or UK. Subject to availability and Board approval.


EUR 1250 per annum
Leading company membership designed to raise your corporate profile as industry leaders.


Corporate Standard EUR 825 per annum
For companies which wish to make new contacts, raise profile, gain visibility and drive business success.

Corporate Small EUR 500 per annum
For small companies looking for growth locally or internationally to gain market awareness and shorten their learning curve. Limited to entities with not more than 5 employees and EUR 70 000 turnover.

Corporate Overseas EUR 250 per annum
For entities that have no place of business in Latvia.

Corporate Start-ups EUR 250 per annum
For companies established during the current or previous year. This statuss is granted for no more than 2 years.

Not-for-profit EUR 250 per annum
Open to all not-for-profit organisations formally recognised under the laws of Latvia or UK. This is subject to Board approval.


BritCham Standard Benefits are automatically available to all BritCham members and provide them with opportunities to build networks, establish new business contacts and drive business success:


  • Opportunity to attend members’ only events and to be granted members’ preference regarding attendance at “Business after Hours” and similar functions;
  • Chance to be present at all BritCham organised events, seminars and dinners at a special members’ reduced rate and with automatic preference in the event of over-booking;
  • Access to joint chamber events with opportunity to meet representatives of the most active Chambers of Commerce in Latvia;
  • Opportunity to become involved in and contribute to the Chamber’s day-to-day activities through taking part in BritCham Committees, voting at Members’ meetings (including the Annual General Meeting) and standing for the Board. Only BritCham members may serve on the Board.



  • Listing on BritCham website members section;
  • Opportunity to present their business and distribute their promotional materials to all BritCham members at the New Members' Evening;
  • Announcement of a new member in News section on the BritCham website and in e-newsletter;
  • Opportunity to promote company by sponsoring and/ or hosting BritCham events including hosting Business After Hours;
  • Possibility to publish company news in the weekly e-newsletter 3 times per year;
  • Possibility to facilitate corporate communication through BritCham social media channels;
  • Referral services to potential clients and business partners;
  • Access to BritCham specially appointed U.K. Representatives for the purposes of developing business ventures in the U.K.



  • Member-to-member discount system providing discounts at members’ - restaurants, hotels, service providers and many more;
  • Corporate BritCham extends the rights of BritCham membership and member benefits to all designated employees;
  • Health Insurance offer for members and their families;
  • Assistance in organising corporate events (venue, accommodation, catering etc. (charges may apply).



  • BritCham is a founding member of the Foreign Investors' Council in Latvia (FICIL) and our members have access to Latvian law-makers and have the opportunity to participate in shaping of the business environment in Latvia by taking part in FICIL’s work groups in person or via BritCham representatives.



  • BritCham is a member of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) which has 53 accredited Chambers of Commerce in the U.K. Used in conjunction, where appropriate with BritCham’s U.K. Representatives (see above), this asset can greatly assist in the development of business relationships with U.K. based trading partners. Located in the British Embassy Building, BritCham works seamlessly with the British Ambassador (who is the Honorary Chairman of the Board), British Embassy personnel and the staff of the U.K. Department of International Trade located in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius.



  • Printed certificate indicating membership level;
  • BritCham logotype for use on company’s webpage and promotional materials (stationery);
  • Digital BritCham membership button for use on website, social media and logo for use on stationery, printed materials.


In addition to all standard benefits, Corporate Plus level members are additionally entitled to the following additional benefits:

  • Privileged access and seating at BritCham organised events, seminars and dinners;
  • Two complimentary invitations to BritCham’s Season Opening event;
  • Two complimentary invitations to BritCham’s Season Closing event;
  • Opportunity to present a new product or service any BritCham members’ only event during the networking session;
  • Opportunity to use BritCham weekly newsletter once a month for promotional opportunities free of charge;
  • Extended company profile with logotype listed on BritCham website;
  • Availability of reduced subscription by virtue of taking out Corporate Group Membership.


Platinum is an exclusive limited number membership and is granted solely by decision of the Board to market and opinion leaders, companies which influence and shape the business environment in Latvia and/or U.K.

Exclusive Platinum benefits include (in addition to Standard and Corporate Plus benefits):

  • High Table seating at all BritCham events (where available and appropriate);
  • Three complimentary invitations to BritCham’s Season Opening event;
  • Three complimentary invitations to BritCham’s Season Closing event;
  • Advance (24 hour) notice of the announcement of all BritCham events to enable reservations to be made;
  • Opportunity to choose a speaker for one of BritCham’s events;
  • Opportunity to submit valued contributions to the BritCham’s agenda and regular access to the BritCham’s Management Board;
  • Company logo (linked to your homepage) on the front page of our website;
  • Company logo on a BritCham Banner displayed at all BritCham and joint events;
  • Extended company profile with logotype listed on BritCham website;
  • Opportunity to use without limit any BritCham weekly newsletter for promotional opportunities free of charge


Individual members are offered all standard BritCham services applicable to a private person.

Individual EUR 250 per annum
Open to individuals.

Students EUR 30 per annum
Open to full time students. Subject to Board approval annually.