FICIL Newsletter for December and January

FICIL has published their monthly Newsletter for December and January.

FICIL Newsletter for December and January informs of:

  • Cooperation with the new Government and Parliament
  • FICIL Members meeting with two new members
  • FICIL work group meets with Advisors to the President of Latvia
  • FICIL work group update and upcoming work group meetings

Upcoming FICIL Work Group Meetings in February: 

Energy & Green Economy w/g have met internally on 2nd to reflect on the previous meetings and on 16th is planning to hold a meeting with the new of Climate and Energy Ministry representatives to discuss the current actualities and plans.

Shadow Economy w/g is planning to meet on 15th to continue discussion about shadow economy combatting issues.

Data & Digital Development w/g plan to meet on 17th with State Revenue Service to talk about public sector procurement and digital transformation.

Public Sector Reform w/g is looking to meet with State Audit Office to discuss effectiveness of public sector, centralisation of public sector functions, innovation.

Labour Force Issue & Requalification will continue discussing issues related to SLC and meet with Ministry of Welfare to look for ways to address the currently inefficient SLC processes.

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