FICIL Work Group Changes

After this years High Council meeting, FICIL is remodeling the work group set-up to highlight topics that are currently most pressing for FICIL members.

This is also aligned with the new FICIL Strategy and priority areas that will bring more benefit to the investment environment of Latvia as a whole. These topics have been emphasised by members during Sentiment Index research, work group discussions, as well as have been pointed out by various institutions and international organisations as pressing matters for the business environment of Latvia.

FICIL will now hold 6 main work groups that will meet on a regular basis, with additional sub-groups that will be called on an ad-hoc basis.


  • Energy & Green Economy WG
  • Data & Digital Transformation WG
  • Public Sector Reform WG
  • Labour force & Re-qualification WG
  • Shadow Economy Combatting WG
  • Investment Protection WG


Please register for the work groups that are of interest to you and invite other representatives of your company to register as well. Invitation to sub-group meetings will be sent to all registered participants for the specific main group and they can choose to attend based on pre-prepared agendas.

Register for FICIL Work Group here.

You will find a detailed layout of the main work group priorities and sub-groups in the attached file. If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact FICIL Policy Expert, Roberts Alhimionoks ( We will be happy to discuss any of the work groups in more detail and assist in any manner necessary.

More information on the FICIL Work Groups is available here.