Nasdaq welcomes PwC as a certified adviser on First North

First North is a growth market designed for ambitious small and medium-sized companies in the Baltics. Being a Certified Adviser permits PwC to guide growth companies in Baltics through the Firth North application process and ensure they meet all the market’s requirements on a continuous basis.

Nasdaq First North Market is tailored to support smaller, growing companies that want to raise capital and get the visibility and credibility of being a public company. For investors, First North offers an opportunity to invest in companies that are at an earlier stage of their growth.

“By working closely with multiple executives and shareholders of both private and State-owned corporates, we have observed an increasing interest about the capital markets. Business leaders have become more ambitious and better aware of the myriad of benefits from attracting capital via the exchange. At PwC, we are confident that First North Certified Adviser status will allow us to provide a more diversified advice for our clients in the Baltic region and help navigate them in the journey of an intensified capital market activity,” highlights Raimonds Dauksts, Head of Advisory at PwC Latvia.


Congratulations to PricewaterhouseCoopers on their achievement!