Riga Business School Executive Education Courses

Riga Business School provides standalone Executive Education courses to help you improve your skills and keep up to date. There are many different themes to choose from, ranging from those that are human-centered, focused on finances to those that are computer science-based.

  • Advanced Business Negotiation led by Daniels Pavļuts
  • Financial Managerial Accounting led by Raivis Lucijanovs
  • IT Project Management led by Konstantīns Oševerovs
  • Modern BI Tools and Techniques for Enterprise Analysis led by Aldis Ēglis
  • Smart Startup: AI-Guided Business Plan and Pitch Development led by Mike Wells
  • Personal and Career Development led by Inese Muzikante and Elza Priede
  • Corporate Governance led by Justin Bancroft
  • Supply Chain Management led by Raimonds Lieksnis and Darja Junusova
  • Consumer Behaviour led by Katrīna Jaunušāne

Choose your preferred course and start learning!


More information about the courses avaible here.