RISEBA News: New technical equipment at the Architecture Faculty

On the 23rd of May, RISEBA Architecture Faculty received a number of modern equipment that will further improve the learning process and provide new opportunities for students.

The new equipment includes an Avtek TS 7 Lite 75 interactive touch screen, which facilitates both the presentation of group work materials and the interactivity of lectures. The screen is complemented by the J000233 Multibrackets M Public stand and the Floorstand Basic 180 floor stand, which provide mobility and stability in different learning environments.

The vision of Zane Vēja, Director of the Bachelor Architecture programme, is to create a digital workspace that combines architectural creativity and technological insight. Thanks to these achievements, RISEBA Faculty of Architecture now offers a more modern learning environment, preparing students for success in the constantly evolving field of architecture.

More information can be found here